The sensuality is a type of our self-expression, but it also gives a chance to satisfy the loved one's whishes and desires." The sensuality and the massage express the delight of the life. One of the best method to get to know your partner desires is the massage. The touch is probably the most impressive moment in a relationship. In a massage you can combine your touch with different materials, make it more various and your loved one's joy more colorful. The Ciottolo combines the properties of the ancient massage stone heritage from hawaii, and asia, in an exclusive gift for your partner. The shape of the Ciottolo is a stylized heart, but it also remembers the classical river, or sea gravel. It is made of 3 materials, metal and wood and glass. All the 3 materials have different surface, texture, weight and heat transfer possibilities. The "love" is about 2 people, I wanted to find a topic and create an object which needs the active participation of both partners to have a meaning. The consumers can use it very freely, and combine the different "heart stones" from different material to use it more personal. Lets indulge your partner, with a simple but meaningful object!
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