The best designs by Adam Miklosi

Concepts are our dreams, ideas floating around in our brains, whimsical but exciting, something that makes you try, make something of your own, and maybe you'll be the next Dyson with your product line inspired by that dream you once saw. Before you get carried away, let me introduce you to a designer whose concept sketches have caught our attention, mainly because of the thoughtfulness of detail and the thoughtfulness of every idea he brings to life. Meet Adam Miklosi, whose Instagram page contains many such sketches, each one explaining many aspects of this design, easily answering the questions that usually come to mind when we see a conceptual design, almost making us see the product materialize before our eyes. And that's what we expect from each concept!

WIA 345 Valvia
boat design
steampunk creature
intelligent sous-vide cooker
folding chair
Gypsum sphere
marble sphere imitation
5x5 pixel typeface
symbiosis in design
special coffin for disaster situation
Hommage ?? Bodoni 270
remembrance exhibition
nurse calling system
Chariot IV.
steampunk creature
seat- elevator & knee pad
Great Church of Debrecen
bodoni typeface ground plan
Silent eyewitnesses
artefacts & storytelling exhibition
application design
Eco street lamp for India
design for Alessi in Love

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